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Ashlin Alexander Facial Cosmetic Surgery


We all know the value of strong cheekbones and adequate midface volume in achieving facial beauty.  Aestheticians are masters at utilizing makeup to create the illusion of definition and contour.  With current advances in facial plastic surgery, we can enhance the midface to the same effect, while providing lasting, natural results.

Cheek Enhancement

During the aging process, cheek volume deflates and tissues descend, converting an aesthetically pleasing facial shape into a more boxy appearance.  A number of procedures exist to reinstate the youthful midface. 

Non-surgical enhancement is the mainstain of treating the midface today.  Dr. Alexander will analyse your entire face as a whole, and detail a careful plan for how to augment your cheeks and provide a natural and aesthetically pleasing result using the most advanced techniques in injectable fillers. 

As a Facial Plastic Surgeon who worked at one of the premiere plastic surgery offices on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Dr. Alexander is also well versed in the many surgical techniques available for the cheeks.  Whether employing minimally invasive midface lift techniques, augmenting deficient bony structure with permanent cheek implants, or performing a limited facelift to reinstate fallen cheek tissues, Dr. Alexander has the expertise to help you decide which is the best approach for you. 

To restore overall facial volume, Dr. Alexander will also transplant stem cell containing fat cells from your own body into your face, using a very delicate and precise micro-technique, to restore lost facial volume.

Cheek Contouring (Buccal Fat Reduction)

For some, the cheeks have too much volume.  Instead of an elegant, shapely midface, the cheeks look full, and the face looks heavy and boxy.  In these instances, buccal fat reduction—a surgical procedure involving removal of cheek fat through the inside of the mouth—can be used to give increased definition to this region.  Dr. Alexander will often couple this procedure with the judicious usage of Botox along the jawline to enhance facial shape and contour.



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