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Brotox (My Interview with Made For Men Magazine)


Celebrity Beauty Tips (Interview with View The Vibe)

Celebrity Beauty Tips: Secrets To Looking Red Carpet Ready Can’t afford somebody to photoshop all your pictures like Jennifer Aniston? We feel you. The best red carpet celebrity beauty tips to have you looking star-quality, no matter when the paparazzi show up… The 87th Academy Awards, which was this past Sunday, honoured the cinematic success of […]

Springtime Skin Refresh

SPF, SPF, SPF! As the sun becomes stronger in the spring season, it’s critical to have a strong SPF in your day cream to shield skin-damaging UVA and UVB rays. When it’s overcast, a large portion of the sun’s rays still penetrate the cloud cover, therefore daily sun protection is key. I recommend using SPF […]

12 Facts You Didn’t Know About Botox (Interview with Brazen Woman)

The Brazen Scoop: 12 Facts You Didn’t Know About Botox http://brazenwoman.com/feels-like-get-botox/ JANUARY 20, 2015 • BEAUTY, LOOK, SKIN CARE Of all the cosmetic enhancements out there, it’s the one everyone knows about: Botox. Touted the ultimate miracle wrinkle eraser and the official face freezer, this drug is seriously popular. But what do you really know about BOTOX Cosmetic®? […]

Red Carpet Ready Skin Care Tips (Interview with Anokhi Media)

JAN 11 2015 Red Carpet Ready Skin Care Tips BY ANOKHI ADMIN Beauty Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Ashlin Alexander Offers Up Skin Care Tips To Get You Red Carpet Ready ‘Tis the season for award shows where celebs, hosts and TV personalities prepare to get themselves in tip-top shape. To get the skin (the first notable beauty feature on display) ready […]

5 Celebrity Beauty Secrets for a Red Carpet Look (Interview with Elevate Magazine)

5 Celebrity Beauty Secrets 08 January 2015 Anti-Aging Written by Nicole Lippay Non-invasive beauty procedures for a Red Carpet look. With Red Carpet season upon us, what better time to take a cue from your favourite celebrities and rejuvenate your look? Dr. Ashlin Alexander, MD, FRCSC, facial cosmetic surgeon with Ashlin Alexander Facial Cosmetic Surgery, shares […]

Beard Implants: It’s a Thing! (Interview with View The Vibe)

Face The Facts: Beard Implants and Weaves Are a Thing BY: PHILIP MAK / NOVEMBER 11, 2014 / LEAVE A COMMENT “Is that ferret sleeping on his mouth? Oh my God, maybe it’s some horrible skin condition. I think I’m a terrible person.” If you’ve had this train of thought, or something similar to it, you’re not alone. And […]

No Time? No Problem! Celebrity Secrets to Looking Red Carpet Ready in a Flash.

Cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Ashlin Alexander is focused on the face. After years training with some of the most renowned facial plastic surgeons at some of the most prestigious surgical centers in the world, he’s mastered the secrets to looking red-carpet ready. Although surgical treatments remain the gold standard for long-term results, non-surgical options are ideal […]

Top Trends in Cosmetic Treatments: 2014/2015

While surgical procedures remain the gold standard for long-term results, non-surgical treatments have steadily gained in popularity in recent years due in large part to “the need for speed” when it comes to downtime and results. Facial Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Ashlin Alexander shares his top trends in cosmetic enhancements for 2014 – and, what to […]