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Ashlin Alexander Facial Cosmetic Surgery


The upper third of the face plays an important role in establishing facial symmetry and maintaining a youthful appearance. As we age, the forehead appears to get longer: eyebrows descend, hairlines recede, wrinkles develop. These are telltale signs of aging. Others are simply born with a large forehead or low-set eyebrows. Thankfully, there is a broad range of rejuvenation techniques to help smooth out wrinkles and conservatively elevate the eyebrow position to provide a bright and refreshed appearance to your eyes and face.

Non-Surgical Options

Neuromodulators (e.g. BOTOX Cosmetic®) and injectable fillers have advanced to such a degree that youthfulness can be beautifully restored to the forehead and brow region. But they must be used together, like salt and pepper, in the right combination and in the hands of an experienced surgeon. Results are evident quickly, downtime is minimal and the outcome is always natural.

Surgical Options

Dr. Alexander’s expertise in the anatomy of the face allows him to surgically lift the forehead and brow region carefully and conservatively (Brow Lift), achieving natural enhancement to this region. Unlike many other surgeons in this field, Dr. Alexander’s expertise in Hair Restoration Surgery gives him extra tools with which to revitalize a receding hairline, or re-shape the eyebrows.

Dr. Alexander will perform a comprehensive and global analysis of your face to determine which brow-lifting techniques are best for you.



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