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Red Carpet Ready Skin Care Tips (Interview with Anokhi Media)




Red Carpet Ready Skin Care Tips


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Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Ashlin Alexander Offers Up Skin Care Tips To Get You Red Carpet Ready

‘Tis the season for award shows where celebs, hosts and TV personalities prepare to get themselves in tip-top shape. To get the skin (the first notable beauty feature on display) ready for special events in the cold, harsh winter months, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ashlin Alexander offers up pro tips. Trained with the world’s best-known plastic surgeons at prestigious surgical centres around the world, who better to spill the secrets to get thatred carpet–ready look? Even though surgical treatments ensure long-term results, Alexander knows some non-surgical tricks for achieving flawless, glowing skin in a flash. Now you too can have that “ready-for-the-red-carpet” look instantly.

Take your skin care regimen up a notch

While over-the-counter products are good in the short term, Alexander advises a product that has 1% retinol. “Retinol,” he says, “works to stimulate collagen and elastin production, promotes cellular function, and provides even skin tone and smooth texture for a brighter, healthier look.”

Use a resurfacing peel

Dr. Alexander recommends skin peels because they’re the most useful treatments that you can do fast. He says, “Peels work by using naturally occurring substance to produce a controlled and accelerated exfoliation of the skin, which stimulates new collagen formation and increased dermal volume. The result is more youthful, plump, glowing skin.” He also warns that one of the side-effects you’ll notice is redness, so recommends you do the peel at least 10 days ahead of time so that your skin is camera-ready for the red carpet.

No more eye bags

Having eye bags can be a drag — especially because it makes the skin lose elasticity. Whether due to genetics or aging, bags cause eyes to bulge because of fat deposits. Dr. Alexander recommends new topical products such as Neotensil. They can offer long-term results to prevent those pesky eye bags. Using Neotensil will produce impressive results, nicknamed “shape wear for the under-eye area.”

Looking fresh for the camera

While injectables are a common plastic cosmetic surgery procedure, Dr. Alexander recommends using hyaluronic acid (HA). It’s a naturally occurring substance found in the body, including in the skin and joint cartilage. Through conservative treatments around the pivotal aging areas like the forehead, crow’s feet area and laugh lines, you can revive a tired look into instant freshness worthy of the red carpet.

Feature Image source:  ashlinalexander.com